30 days of Blogging. Tag 6 - Life goal achieved

Urgh. I want a hammock.

I got a hammock.

I love my hammock.

"So you achieved your ultimate life goal at only 30 years of age. Congratulations! How do you feel?"

"Woah, I gotta tell you: this is pretty terrific. I mean, I don't have many goals in life. The only wish I always had was to be proud owner of a hammock. You might laugh, other people want a Tesla, lots of money, or a house at the beach.

I always thought that with a tiny balcony like this my life goal wouldn't be possible. But wouldn't you know it, when I went to the mall I discovered this hammock that fit perfectly.

So I want to tell everyone out there: live your dreams, go for it. If you want something bad enough, you - will - make it work. You might not be successful or get rich trying, maybe people will laugh at you, but you will definitely be happier if you at least tried. And now if you'll excuse me. I have a hammock that needs my undivided attention."

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