In Shanghai

Hi everyone,
just wanted to notify you that I arrived safely in Shanghai. I’m currently fighting a bit the jetlag which is not that bad. A tip for everyone: Don’t sleep when you’re tired, don’t succumb to sleeping according to your home timezone. Instead, try to adjust to the local rhythm immediately! This way jetlags will be less bad (although you will feel tired the first two days)…

Speaking of sleeping: I’m staying at a friend’s place for the first week. He lives in an apartment in a huge (and quite rich) compound building on the 37th floor which actually is the 33rd*. I have just met one of his two flat mates: one German guy. The other flat mate, a French girl, has yet to be met. While fighting my normal sleeping rhythm I heard her coming home at 3 a.m. after a(nother) hard party night.

“Philipp, does she always come home this late?”

“Oh no, most of the time she’s home by four.”


(Oh those French people…)

So… I wanted to show you just two pictures. First, my sleeping place:

@sister: See, they have Royal Milk Tea here! *yummy*

And now the view from when I’m lying on my sleeping bag:

My bed is on a very wide windowsill directly under the window. From there I can see tons of skyscrapers and one surprisingly poor (and traditional) Chinese neighbourhood. This has not yet been removed by the authorities and replaced with more skyscrapers. But maybe in two years…

*in this particular building there is no 4th, 14th, 24th and 34th floor because it is believed that four is an unlucky number (the word for “4” sounds like “death”).

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