Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #20

I can't leave without posting one manicure before for you guys :) So since I'm going to travel to China I thought of putting a very feminine (some would say tacky) and Asian inspired manicure. Maybe some of you know the very extreme Japanese nail art designs with a gazillion beads, lace and more. Like here: CLICK

It also looks a bit like traditional prints for kimono or ao dai (the classic Vietnamese apparel).
Of course it's pink (goes without saying) and very sparkly. The light pink was a pain in the ass. Since I knew it was thin as water I put a layer of plain white under it. Still it needed two coats... And the glitter polish... it's made in China and despite its beauty (like the hexagonal glitter chunks), it stinks like hell and it is quite thick.

So the list of polishes I used:
  • P2 Base + Care Coat
  • Manhattan Quick Dry polish in plain white
  • Catrice Biscuits and Cupcakes (light pink)
  • Essence Hypnotic Poison (dark blueish red)
  • BK design glitter polish
  • Flower shaped glitters
  • Manhattan Pro Shine top coat

See you!

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