The Japanese Nail Art Experience 7

Hi again :) New Japanese manicure coming up - again my sister worked as a model for me and she chose this design from the Nail Up! magazine:

Nice one, isn't it? So with no further introduction - the pictures (click to enlarge):

Here's the list of polishes I used:
  • Essence White Hype (matte white)
  • P2 030 virgin (jelly white, for evening out the other white polish)
  • Essence circus circus 02 don't feed the tiger (duo polish with gold and black/gold glitter)
  • Essence Multi Dimension 76 cool and the gang (electric blue)
  • Essence Legends of the Sky 05 Take my Red away (red)
  • P2 232 Shockful (green)
As always, white was a problem. White polish and me, we will never be friends. Did you notice that the rhinestones on the thumb look like a turtoise? You can never unsee it... ^^

Have a great weekend!

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