The Japanese Nail Art Experience 6

Hi to all nail art lovers! Did you have a nice Valentine's day? Even if you are single: I hope at least nothing bad happened ;)

I'm not too much of the lovey-dovey type. But it's quite cold and winter returned with all its freezing might so I wanted something that felt like spring. And since Valentine's day came up it was the ideal excuse occasion for this nail design:

Hooray, shinies!
Choosing this design I assumed that it wouldn't take too long in the making. It's basically one colour on each nail, topped with a few rhinestones, right...

... Right. It took me almost two hours. ^^; I'm still very slow when it comes to applying rhinestones it seems. I haven't found the right method yet to speed up the application process. I hope I'll get to it during my Japanese nail art challenge.

Here's what I used:
  • hot pink: Nivea Calcium Power 43 Cherry Glacé (not sure if it's red or pink - seems to be right in between)
  • soft pink: Essence Sweet as Candy (this was 4 coats or so and still the smile line is visible)
  • soft yellow: P2 Dream Lover (also 4 coats)
  • rhinestones from bornpretty
  • I don't know where I got the large rhinestones on my thumb and ringfinger - they just were in my art supplies
  • base coat and top coat as usual
I have a request for nail polish producers: Would you mind making pastel polishes that are opaque in two coats? I'm not even asking for one-coaters, just a standard two-coater would be absolutely awesome.

Many thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely, Naekubi

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