Facepalm of the week

This might turn into a series on this blog...

cool statue, right? =D

This weekend I helped out my older brother as an extra on their film set. They were shooting the last scene of an independent shortfilm. The reason I took part in that: I want to increase the visibility of Asian people in the German media ^^;

After work we went to a restaurant to celebrate the end of the shooting. So one guy (from what I understood he does the making-of documentation) asked me what my profession was.

"I worked as a social media manager."

"Social media manager?! Oh, I thought: This cute little Asian girl is just interested in films and works, like, in a regular job. Like as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant."

Of course! I'm Asian and female which qualifies me to work in service - just nothing too intellectual... *facepalm*

my bro and one of his colleagues on set

Later on he said something about karate or martial arts that I can't recall. *facepalm*

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