The Japanese Nail Art Experience 5

Part 5 of the nail art experience! In most nail design pictures you only see the left hand. For right handers it is easier to draw on your left hand, of course. For me actually, too. But with practice you can get to draw with both hands fairly well.

In my case I have a little advantage on my side: When I was a kid I used to draw and do things with both hands, I was quite undecided whether to become a right hander or a left hander. So my mum told me to always use the right hand - more convenient. (Don't worry, I am fine - no stuttering, no mental damage whatsoever).There are certain things I still do like a lefty: Eating, combing and brushing my teeth. It feels totally weird to do those things with the right hand...

So for those who ever wondered how my right hand looks in a close-up, here you go:

The design is simple. I didn't have gold sequins, so I used a glitter polish instead.

Now on to the list of polishes I used:
  • red: Rival de Loop 20 (it's been 8 years since I bought it, but it is still available at Rossmann)
  • pink: H&M Duo Nail Polish Dusty Nails
  • nude: P2 perfectly (discontinued)
  • gold glitter: Essence Make it Golden
  • gold lines: China Glaze Midnight Kiss

I noticed that I don't have many nude polishes in my stash, so there is a colour I could stock up a little bit without feeling too guilty. (Even though my stash is quite full as is.)

Please excuse the partially bad lighting on my pictures. Winter is just not a good time for shooting photos if you don't have studio lights.

See you again soon!

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