Naekubi's Nail Art Tutorial #1

Thought that it would be cool to show you a nail art tutorial. Most of the time I use geometric or abstract patterns. Dots are especially versatile, I haven't even figured out 10% of what is possible with dotting...

This design was inspired by some jewellery I saw in an airline magazine. I don't even remember what brand it was but the red with golden dots was what stuck.

Here's how:

1. Use a base coat to protect your natural nails from staining (if you have natural nails, that is).

2. Paint your nails a bright creme red. Use two thin coats if necessary. Let it dry for several minutes.

3. Now on to the dotting: I put a drop of golden nail polish on a piece of paper.

4. Dip your dotting tool in the polish and make bigger dots on your nails. (My dotting tool is fixing pin on a wooden stick).

5. This is how it looks once you are finished with the golden polish. Remember to wipe your dotting tool with nail polish remover once in a while. You will also have to apply several drops of nail polish on your paper because it dries fairly quick thus becoming sticky and hard to work with. Let the dots dry a few minutes.

6. Switch to a smaller dotting tool or a toothpick. Apply blue, green and orange dots on the golden dots in a stippling motion...

7. this.

8. Once you applied all the dots it should look approximately like this:

9. Apply rhinestones. Put a bit of topcoat on those spots you want to have your blingies. Pick them up with your dotting tool and press them on the wet nail polish. Work on one nail at a time.

10. Last step is topcoat. And you're done with your nail art!

The list of polishes I used:
  • Rival de Loop Red
  • China Glaze Passion (gold)
  • Essence Just Rock it! (blue)
  • Essence Trust in Fashion (green)
  • Manhattan 414 (orange)
  • rhinestones by T€di
I hope this was helpful for you. All in all it took about 80 minutes with drying time in between. Guess that explains why I paint my nails on weekends only :)

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