Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #26

Yay, time for a new manicure! I hope that I will have some time to paint my nails in the future because I will start working soon... it's going to be in an editorial department of a web enterprise. So basically writing articles and doing social media. :)

This time I decided for a combination of green and blue: Funky French tips with a special ringfinger. See those cool flakies on the ringfinger? This was an awesome find at a Müller drugstore. It was the only bottle I could find and cost me 80 cents only. That's quite cheap for an Nfu.Oh-like effect, right? Finding exceptional polishes always gets me so excited!

Here's what I used for my manicure:
  • P2 Base + Care Coat
  • P2 Sun Love LE - summer cocktail (this green is gorgeous, this is one coat)
  • Modelité HD Blue (for the tips and two coats for the ringfinger)
  • Sinful Colors Nail Junkie (nice green and gold glitter)
  • Glam Nails 90 Larissa (one coat of glorious holographic flakies on the ringfinger... an awesome find at the Müller drugstore - for 80 cents only!)
  • Manhattan Topcoat

I painted the tips free hand because I wanted it to be quick. I know that it would have looked way more accurate if I had used scotch tape but I was just too lazy for that...

Until next time!

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4 Kommentar/e:

  1. Glückwunsch zum neuen Job :) ! Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Start und viel Spaß! Und wieder mal ein cooles Design :)

  2. wow das sieht aber echt cool aus. Ich habe so was noch nie gemacht aber vllt probiere ich das mal ^^

  3. @ Lini Trinh: Danke :) Buntes French ist echt toll, da kann man viel variieren und ausprobieren und besonders schwierig ist es auch nicht ^^