Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #24

Hi, my name is Naekubi and I am a nail polish addict. 

It all started when I was 16. At that age I bought my first nail polish, a blue-green-gold multichrome polish by Manhattan. My addiction didn't stop there. Over the years, I bought more and more polish whenever I could afford it, mostly blue and purple polish. After my collection had grown to approximately 35 bottles, I stopped.

The duochrome craze of the nineties faded and I was waiting for some new colours to feed my addiction. They didn't come as soon as I expected. Instead, I lived a poor university student's life and saved my money for books.
The addiction flared up again in the late 2000's, when the beauty blogosphere started to take off to higher grounds. With every new trend edition or limited edition in reach, things got serious. Well, seriously out of control.

Now I'm sitting here with over 120 nailpolish bottles, a lot of them are yet to be tried. But still not satisfied. I thought I would stop at some point when the whole spectrum of the rainbow would be stashed in my two shoe boxes. Little did I know that the number of colours and shades is infinite. And this infinite number has to bemultiplied with the infinite number of finishes, be it cream, shimmer, pearl, frost, glass flecks, foil, jelly, neon, matte, glitter, chunky glitter, holographic, metallic, duochrome, iridescent and more.

I need more shoe boxes.

Nope, it doesn't stop. Now even other people get involved: I asked one of my sister's friends from the States to get me some OPI and Sally Hansen. I try to imagine that big guy, an Afghanistan veteran, in a local mall or drugstore, asking for OPI's Spark de Triomphe and Sally Hansen's Rock Star Pink... 

And yet, I don't show any signs of improvement, not to mention regret. 

Sorry guys for this unusually open-hearted confession. ^^

Here's the list of polishes I used on my sister's nails:
P2 Base + Care Coat
H&M Going bananas (yellow, of course, and, of course, awful to apply)
MNY 409A (thin, thin, thin icy blue)
Eyeko Lilac Polish (nice creamy violet/lilac colour)
Essence Quick Dry Drops, topcoat

Thanks Bill! Hope to get to know you this summer!

And to my currently 40 readers (hooray!): See you next time!

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