Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #23

 It's truely been a while... My cuticles still look bad, but my nails recovered enough to slap some polish on them. Hooray!
For everyone who hasn't noticed yet (or doesn't live in the northern hemisphere): it's spring! This calls for fresh colours...

The green mint polish doesn't show too well on the pictures. Actually it's a bit more on the green side. Also, I had some bubbling issues, that seem severe in the photos but not so much in reality.

The golden polish is just awesome. It creates some rainbow effects in sunlight and gives this manicure the little blingy extra I was craving for.

I used the following colours:
P2 Base + Care Coat
Artdeco Ultra Quick Dry No. 90 (light green/turquoise/mint creme)
Best Sence Nail Polish No. 52 (golden glitter)
P2 Color Victim Gigantic (electric blue)

By the way, I noticed that smellwise, nail polishes fall into three different categories: There are the old polishes that just smell like toluene and formaldehyde (category 1, gives me headaches), the ones that are b3-free or b4-free (no formalydehyde, no toluene, no phtalates, sometimes no formaldehyde resin - smell bearable) and then the ones I like to call "bio hazard!"-polishes. Unfortunately, the great golden polish is a category 3 polish.

Most of the ones in category 3 stem from shady sources like French 2-euro stores, China or a cosmetics shelf next to the cashier at C&A. They smell extremely like industrial varnish used for cars or model aeroplanes, but given the available ingredients lists they don't contain that much stuff that would differ greatly from category 2. But I might be wrong.

Anywho: Any chemists out there who could help me out?

Until next time!

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4 Kommentar/e:

  1. I really like your nail art fotos. How do you do all these dots? Do you use a special brush or a needle or how do you do that?

  2. @Pixelamazone: Thanks :) I made these dots with an unfolded paper clip. I also use fixing pins - it just depends on what I find on my desk.