Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #25

Hi guys, it's been a while :)

Lately I wasn't very lucky with neither nail polish nor designs. It seems like my Manhattan topcoat is getting a bit old because it causes severe bubbling and doesn't dry as fast as it used to. You will notice bubbles on my index finger. And my ringfinger had an unfortunate encounter with my bedlinen... *sighs*

My love for nail polish has some downsides: I own so many bottles now that I try out a new one almost every time I do a manicure. Even an experienced nail polish applier like me has some unpredictable issues with some polishes sometimes. Some formulas are extremely gloopy or incredibly thin, become streaky, take forever to dry or they are downright unusable...

Well, let's move on to the list of nail polishes used this this manicure:
  • P2 Base + Care Coat (I need a new basecoat as well, I think. Preferably a quick drying one.)
  • China Glaze Midnight Kiss (nice gold...)
  • Catrice Spiced Bronze (looks great on tanned skin with yellow undertone)
  • Essence Copper Rulez! for the lines (I know it's a magnetic polish so this effect has gone to waste a bit.)
  • flower shaped rhinestones from T€di (a 1-euro shop, which is the German equivalent to dollar shops I guess)
  • Manhattan topcoat 

See you again soon!

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