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Beautyjagd tagged me with the "7 deadly sins in beauty" tag. I like this idea which is why I am going to translate it into English to make it accessible to all of my readers :)

Greed - What is your cheapest beauty product?
Geiz - Was ist dein billigstes Beautyprodukt?
Hmm, let me see. Now I am not the heavy user or a luxury girl when it comes to beauty products. I try to buy everything when there's sale ;) I think my cheapest beauty item is an awesome purple nail polish with opal flecks (like Nfu.Oh's) for a mere .49 cents. Oh, and speaking of bargains: I bought the famous Shu Uemura lash curler for about 7 Euro at the airport in Osaka. Great gadget!

Wrath – Which beauty product went seriously on your nerves?
Zorn - Welches Beautyprodukt hat dich am meisten Nerven gekostet?
Tough question. Normally I don't get mad with beauty products, I mostly blame myself if I can't do a decent make-up etc.The only thing I can think of is the Catrice's high gloss quick drying topcoat from last year. I think Catrice has a concept of quick-drying that differs very much from mine. Meaning: it actually softened already rock-solid dried polish, never to dry again.

Gluttony – What is your most delicious beauty product?
Völlerei - Welches ist dein leckerstes Beautyprodukt?
It should be one of my perfumes. I own a nice collection of both drugstore and niche fragrances. "Pure Woman" by Bruno Banani is the most delicious one. Once applied, it smells like strawberries and mango with a touch of sweet vanilla... yummy!

Sloth – Which beauty product do you neglect out of laziness?  
Faulheit - Welches Beautyprodukt vernachlässigst du aus Faulheit?
Anything that has to do with my feet. I am incredibly lazy when it comes to using foot cream, painting toe nails etc.

Pride – Which beauty product boosts your confidence the most?
Hochmut – Welches Beautyprodukt verleiht dir die meiste Selbstsicherheit?
I think it's lipstick. Even though I love nail polish, it has pretty much become part of my weekly beauty routine. But putting lipstick on... it's like asking for everybody's attention. I don't do that too often, but when I do I enjoy every moment of it.

Lust – What do you find attractive in the opposite sex regarding cosmetics?
Wolllust* -  Was findest du beim anderen Geschlecht in kosmetischer Hinsicht anziehend?
Nice hair (preferably curls) that is taken care of well and a perfume that's spot-on. It should emphasize the identity or uniqueness of the guy wearing it. Too bad that I hardly know any guys who have a sense for good fragrances...

Envy – Which beauty product would you like to receive as a gift?
Neid - Welches Beautyprodukt würdest du dir gerne mal schenken lassen?   
Good question. I think I'd like to have the complete Nfu.Oh opal flakes nail polish collection. And some glitter polishes by Deborah Lippmann. And maybe some bottles from Jo Malone's Eau de Cologne collection...

Finished. Who should I tag? I choose...
Sophie at Das gehört zu mir
C.M. at ChaHeVu and
Konad-licious at Vintage Musings of a Modern Pin-Up

I'm curious what you have got to confess... ^^

*Der neuen Rechtschreibung entsprechend mit drei L...

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6 Kommentar/e:

  1. Greed mit Geiz übersetzt? *grübel* da stimmt was nicht *Sherlock Holmes Gesicht aufsetz*

  2. @DysfunctionalKid: Ich habe mich auch gewundert, aber im Wikipedia-Artikel über die sieben Todsünden war die Todsünde "Geiz" als "Greed" übersetzt. "Avarice" war eine Alternative, schien aber nur eine Nebenform zu sein.

  3. vielen lieben dank, ich freue mich sehr.
    wobei ich mir die antworten ernsthaft überlegen muss... ;-D

  4. @C.M: Bitteschön! Ich bin schon gespannt auf deine Antworten :)

  5. 7 Euro für die Wimpernzange von Shu Uemura? Das ist ja der Knaller, da hätte ich dann auch zugegriffen!
    Und war schön deine Antworten zu lesen :) Gegen lockiges Männerhaar habe ich auch nichts ein zuwenden ;)

  6. @beautyjagd: Ich hab auch nicht schlecht gestaunt und natürlich konnte ich da nicht widerstehen :)

    Achja, Locken... *schwärm* Man findet eh alles toll, was man nicht hat ;)