Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #34

Hi everyone! The weather is crap at the moment. Constantly going up and down. So does my blood circulation. I'm not the "yay! sunshine!!" kinda type, but warmer sunnier days and more stable weather would be nice nevertheless. In order to fight the grey mood I'm sporting some ombre nails now.

Ombre nails are the kind of manicure anyone can do (I call it "nail art for dummies"). Just like skittles manicures, you only need different colours and an eye for nice colour combinations. With ombre manis it's even easier, a gradation of one colour will do.

The colours remind me of ripe fruit like peaches, cherries and blackberries. Hmm... =)~~ *drooling*

So... the polishes I used, from darkest to lightest colour:

P2 Hypoallergen + Quick Dry Base Coat
P2 140 Diva
Rival de Loop 20
Nivea 43 Cherry Glaze (it's actually more pink than on the pictures... think crystallised cherries)
Essence Denim Wanted! 01 High Waist Pink (also this one is more neon in real life)
Eyeko Nude Polish, Catrice Biscuits and Cupcakes on top of it
Essence Better Than Gel Nails topsealer

By the way, this is my new umbrella. It's pink with dots! It's somewhat sad though that I have to use it so often at the moment.

Anyways, I hope you guys will have a nice weekend. :) See ya!

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