Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #36

Hi there! Scented polishes are a trend that pop up occasionally. I remember seeing some scented nail polishes when I was... hmm... 14?

Trends in fashion and beauty are a funny thing. Now everyone will agree that absolutely new things don't come around too often. Neon colours, leggings, blue eyeshadow... been there, saw that (except taupe nail polish - that was actually new, as far as I know). It is mostly eclecticism and recombinations that make up innovation nowadays. Remixes and sampling, if you will.

Anyway, my nails smell deliciously like artificial raspberry. I used a bottle of polish that I bought in China and didn't even notice that it was scented.  Nice surprise :) As always you can click on the pictures to enlarge.

The list of polishes:
  • P2 Hypoallergen + Quick Dry Base Coat (for sensitive nails... whatever that is)
  • Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Color (black with silvery blue shimmer flecks/particles)
  • Essence tip art painter Silver Surfer
  • ring finger: Manhattan Glamoration LE (from the nineties!, dark blue), topped with Essence Mermaid Tears, nail art sequins
  • Essence BTGN topsealer

Have a nice evening everyone!

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