Preise und Auszeichnungen 5 - Awards, awards!

More than a week ago Ninea and Elena from Lacquerdicted gave me two blog awards because my blog belongs to those "that deserve it". And I can only agree, hehe ;) Thank you so much again!

The award procedure says to tell ten facts about me. So let's see...
  1. I love fries and chips (or for the British readers: chips and crisps). My favourite brand for chips/crisps is Lay's Super Chips Salted.
  2. I suck at gardening. Until now I have managed to kill every plant in sight unintentionally although I tried hard to take good care of them. Even cacti.
  3. I also suck at comforting others. It's not that I'm not trying or that I wouldn't care about them, I'm just not good at it. If you don't want to feel worse than you already do, better talk to someone else. But you can always come to me if you want to analyse and work on a problem and have a good piece of advise.
  4. My absolutely favourite colour is blue. 
  5. Most of my wardrobe is blue, teal and black. If I ever wear red or white this must be your lucky day!
  6. Travelling is one of my passions. So far I've been to New York City (NYC is not the States), Canada, Switzerland, France, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Vietnam, China and Japan. I still want to see Sweden, Iceland, a bit more of the States (to buy nail polish mostly) and South Korea (the food!). I'm not so drawn to Southern countries which is why I've never been to Italy or Spain...
  7. There are no other Vietnamese people in my circle of friends, a fact that makes me a banana par excellence. 
  8. What I like about a lot of Asian dishes is their gummy texture. I like the bubbles in bubble tea, mochi, Vietnamese sesame candy... every dish you can choke easily on.
  9. My shoe size is 38, but my feet are very slender, which is why I don't wear ballerinas. I'd lose them after two steps.
  10. Fact no. 9 leads me to: I hate buying shoes. Not because of my feet or my size, I just don't like shoe shopping.
The award procedure wants me to award other blogs as well. I pass those two awards on to:

Schanh Diu Fashion - one of the few fashion blogs I read. I really like the photos and her drawings. Always a delight to see a new post :) (this blog is in German and English)

syn-ästhetisch - a blog about books. I especially recommend the book reviews, they are extremely well written. Those reviews make me want to go to the next bookstore and buy that book immediately. One review also made me read a book again that I despised back in school time - I liked it the second time around :) (this blog is in German)

See you next time!

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    4 Kommentar/e:

    1. oh thanks you so much for loving my blog. I'll try my best ^^

    2. Glückwunsch zum Award :) . Ich mag keine lays, dafür liebe ich die Chips von Tyrells ;) . Diese feste Konsistenz der Kartoffeln, mhhhhh :)

    3. Danke ^^ von Tyrells habe ich noch nie gehört, aber gleich mal gegoogelt. Bekommt man die hier irgendwo? Ich wäre interessiert ;)