Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #27

Hey guys, a quick post with some manicures for you :)
Last week I spent a few days in Fällanden, Switzerland at my aunt's. I haven't seen her and my three cousins in four years... always so much to do *coughs*

Well, one of my cousins (the oldest child and the only girl of the three) happened to still have kept a little friendship book  in which I also wrote something back when I was 15 when she came for a visit to Germany. So guess what kind of hobbies I mentioned - yep, nail polish. (I was really baffled myself!) My cousin even remembered that I painted her nails in green and purple back then... Seems like some things never change.

Anyways, I painted the nails of my cousin as well as the ones of my sister. I could only use the polishes my aunt has, which weren't that many bottles. Also, some polishes were incredibly old and therefore too dry to use.

You'll have to excuse the poor picture quality. I don't remember the polishes I used, either. The purple is something by Essence (nail art twins I think) and the red by a brand called Lacura. I did something simple because we wanted to go out that night, so I had to hurry a bit.

But then we decided that we still had some time so I did my sister's nails. The sheer iridescent pink polish is by Sally Hansen, I don't know neither name nor series. The blue dots were made with a polish in a teddy bear shaped (!!) bottle.

I will post some more pictures from Switzerland this week. And maybe a new manicure on my finger tips, too ;)

Until then: Have a good time!

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2 Kommentar/e:

  1. ich hab auch einen nagellack in teddy-flasche.
    ein helles metallic-blau, und zwar so richtig metallic!