Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #28

Hello everybody :) I finally did my own nails in a way I would actually want to present it to you. Since I started working on monday I didn't have the time I needed to be really creative. Also the weather in Munich was so weird. We had a lot of thunderstorms and the air was so moist that I got tons of bubbles on my nails right after applying the very first coat of polish... (high humidity can cause bubbling...) :-/

This week I'm sporting an ombre manicure in curry colours. Ombre manicures are quite easy to do: Just choose polishes that describe some kind of colour gradation and put one colour on one nail. In the right order it becomes a gradation :) Of course I spiced it up a little and used four colours on my thumb and added some rhinestones in more or less matching colours.

Here's what I used:
  • P2 Base + Care Coat
  • Essence Color and Go in Gold Rush (beige gold)
  • P2 Sun City Ocean Drive (curry)
  • Catrice Caramé Spiced Bronze (bronze, who would have guessed...)
  • Essence Bondi Beach BBC Golden Sands
  • different rhinestones from T€di and Kik
  • Manhattan Topcoat / Essence Better than Gel Nails Topsealer (this one's highly recommended, dries quite fast and gives a glossy, almost jelly-like finish) 

I decided that I will do about two manicures a week, a simple one on tuesdays/wednesdays and a more creative one on sundays. If they get posted... we'll see...

Until then have a good time!

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6 Kommentar/e:

  1. Superschön <3 ,die Farben harmonieren so toll ,sehr gelungen!!!


  2. @icassop: Thanks!
    @LoveT.: Dankeschön!


  3. "Easy to do"? Haha, da würde ich ewig dransitzen und es trotzdem nicht hinkriegen...
    Ich finde Nageldesigns immer toll, traue mich aber selbst nie welche zu tragen beziehungsweise überhaupt auszuprobieren.

  4. @Sophie: Also jeden Nagel in einer anderen Farbe anmalen kriegt man denke ich schon hin. Und vieles ist einfach Übungssache :)

    @sparkle: Dankeschön!