Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #14

After all that glitter, the gold and the incredible sparkling I was craving for something fresh and rather simple. So I came up with this manicure. I call it the "pajama design". I'm thinking of blue pants combined with a striped shirt for bedtime. Feels nice and cuddly...

I used the following polishes:
P2 Base + Care Coat
P2 unforgettable (it's actually more turquoise than blue)
Eyeko Vintage Polish (it's actually more jade green than light blue, it's quite sheer)
Essence Quick Dry Drops
Depend Top Coat

I painted the stripes free handed with a brush.

By the way, my nails are shorter now. When you can't put your contact lenses neither in nor out for the love of god, it's about time...

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3 Kommentar/e:

  1. Gefällt mir wieder einmal sehr gut ,die Farbzusammenstellung finde ich besonders schön :)


  2. Beautiful as always. Please find out what brands are big in Hongkong! :-) We will check them out.