Pretty fly for a white guy?

A reader of my blog sent me a very interesting link regarding ethnicity and relationships. Actually he sent me statistics of a dating website called okcupid. Thanks Fox!

"Your race affects whether people write you back"

So... this article tries to figure out the ratio between first attempt messages and recipients' reply rate combined with the ethnicity and sex factor. Turns out that racism is alive and kicking...

On the same blog you can find an article which I find about as interesting as the other one, to say the least. You can find it here:

"The REAL 'Stuff white people like'"

They collected data of more than half a million users on the dating website okcupid regarding ethnicity, sex and self description/personal interests. You will be able to see what white guys dig or Indian girls like etc.
You get the idea.


On a side note: I would love to comment on those finds and try to figure out some explanations. However, I assume people would start throwing stones at me... Oh well, I guess I'll take the risk in another article.

For the time being: Enjoy!

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