Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #15

Hey everyone! I have another Chinese New Year manicure for you :)

crappy winter daylight
I didn't win the other nail art contest (well, tough competition. Some had the incredible advantage of owning konad plates... kidding), but I like creative contests, so I'll try my luck in my private jet's make-up contest. If you understand German, go check out her blog. I've been a reader for about a year now and haven't regretted that ever since.

So, enough with the praise. Back to business: The task is to create a make-up or nail design with your Chinese horoscope sign. My sign is the bull/cow/buffalo, so I kinda cut a cow into pieces and painted it on my nails.* You can win five nail polishes from the OPI Hongkong collection.

picture taken with flash

Here's what I used:
  • P2 Base + Care Coat (yeah, I know, I use that every time, but as I like to say: never change a winning team)
  • P2 147 perfectly (I thought it was a light brown. I forgot that my skintone is a tad bit darker than the average European's, so this turns out to be the perfect nude polish for me)
  • French tips: Chifure Nail Enamel (red with gold glitter, Japanese brand), Catrice Spiced Bronze (bronze, great for my skintone)
  • cow pieces: Essence 22 fatal 
  • Essence Quick Dry Drops (I like those - cheap and easy to handle)
  • Manhattan Pro Shine Quick Dry topcoat

*No animal was harmed or killed in the process.

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4 Kommentar/e:

  1. OMG! You killed a bull!
    Just kidding XD

    Really nice nail design :)

  2. i'm an ox, too! looks great! i think it's quite hard to do the ox-theme (without uglyfying yourself, e.g. with a nose-ring) but you did it wonderfully.

  3. Wohoo, a fellow ox! Yeah, the theme was a challenge, but that boosted my creativity :)
    Thanks for your comment, ketoglutarat!