Best of Two Worlds (#3)

During  those winter holidays, I went to Germany to spend Christmas with my dearest. We took that opportunity to visit a town that I never had been to: the super-crowded Munich. We then proceeded to go to a few shops, and stopped inevitably in the beauty products corner.

            Munich, Marienplatz, after Christmas, thousands of people shopping :

                        soundtrack : BAM BAM BAAM!!

            Naekubi : Come on, let me look at that, it won't take long (puts on cute face and big smile)
            Me : Okay, sure...
            Naekubi : (strolling) Here look at this one! I really like that glitter!
            Me : Yeah, it's nice.
            Naekubi : And this one with the holographic effect in it!
            Me : Yep, not bad
            Naekubi : and this golden one!
            Me : Huh huh
            Naekubi : Look at this red, it could go well with the purple I got home!
            Me : ...
            Naekubi : Oh, this blue really is cool!
            Me : Don't you have it already ?
            Naekubi : No, of course not, it's totally different! Pfff... You're so bad at that!
            Me : Okay okay, if you say so …

            A few hours later, back at Naekubi's place :
            Naekubi : Oh you're right, it's kinda close....

                        BAM BAM BAAM!!

- UnluckyTraveller

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