The Japanese Nail Art Experience - preface

As I said earlier in this post, I am so ready for a nail art challenge. While it is great to create your own designs and come up with your own ideas, I want to stretch my capabilities in nail art and become better.

Just a week ago I ordered some magazines in Japan, one being a "regular" womens' magazine (I will post something about that, too) and the other one being an issue of the nail art magazine Nail Up - woohoo!*

In my challenge I will try to replicate as many designs as possible. I will also post a picture of the original nail design from the Nail Up for you to decide if it's a yay! or nay!. Of course changes of the design might occur. I do not always have the exact same nail polish colour, I can't do gel or acrylic nails either and obtaining the right rhinestones and glitters might be a bit tricky - I will give myself the freedom to adjust to my own supplies.

So why Japanese nail art? Because they have the most colourful, craziest and cutest designs in the world! In my opinion, they took nail design to a whole new level and mastery. Japan is quite a nail art addict's Promised Land. A few examples: click!

I hope that at the end of this challenge I will be a decent nailist (that's what the Japanese call nail art designers). Don't know yet how long this challenge will go - I guess as long as I have fun :)

The first attempt will be online tomorrow - see you then!

*25 € for two magazines... *coughs* 
  ...that I can't even read *coughs louder*

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