The Japanese Nail Art Experience 2

Are you ready for part 2 of the japanese nail art challenge? Follow me this way...

This is today's nail art and it even has a name: Alice in Wonderland. I guess you get the idea. I chose this nail art design mainly because it's blue and blue polish is hands down my favourite. Here's how it turned out on my nails (pardon the bad quality of the pictures, it's just so darn gloomy here - daylight, where are you?):

I wanted to try out my new rhinestones that I ordered at bornpretty just recently. Funny comment of a friend on my nails: "Guess there wasn't enough space to put any more rhinestones on it."Also my french mani doesn't have that curved smile line. I thought it looks better this way on my not so long nails.

I guess I still need to practice a bit to handle the nail art glue. Almost affixed my index to the dinner table in the process... *coughs*

Polishes I used:
  • light blue: Essence Street Styler (Urban Messages LE)
  • silver: Essence Style for Summernights (Nails in Style LE)
  • dark blue: MNY 709a (VIP is chic LE)
  • basecoat and topcoat as always
  • red heart-shaped and black round rhinestones purchased at
I must say that I love the striped nails! The dark blue polish combined with this awesome silver shade is just great.

Thanks for stopping by!

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    3 Kommentar/e:

    1. Gefällt mir fast besser als das Original. :)

      (Und ich hab mir mal die Finger mit Sekundenkleber zusammengeklebt. ^^;;;)

    2. @Julia: Danke :)
      (Wie hast du die wieder auseinanderbekommen? ^^;)