The Japanese Nail Art Experience 1

Welcome back! The Japanese nail art experience starts today, hooray! This is the nail art design I was working on:

Very suitable for winter. I decided to use my sister as guinea pig try that on my sister's nails. I had to adjust the design because I don't have snowflake nail stickers and just a small selection of rhinestones. So this was the result (click to enlarge):

I had some problems with the little silver stars that I put on the nail. After two coats of topsealer they started to curl up a bit. You will notice on the thumbnail (the literal one). Also the silver line on one side of the blue stripe is barely visible.

You see the nice shimmer in the original design? I tried to replicate it by using a certain topcoat by Essence (Remix your style LE).

I used the following polishes:
  • basecoat and topcoat as always
  • white: p2 virgin (three freaking coats because it's a white jelly)
  • blue: Essence Hard to resist
  • shimmer on the blue: Essence Love topcoat
  • silver lining: Essence Can't Cheat on me
  • silver stars: from an art supplies shop
  • glitters: T€di

I'm in love with this Essence effect topcoat, it adds pure awesomeness. =3

What do you think of this nail design? Yay or Nay?

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2 Kommentar/e:

  1. auf jedenfall yay!!!
    das sieht einfach wunderschön aus :-)
    ich freue mich auf weitere nailart-designs.

    lg big.s