The Japanese Nail Art Experience #17

Good news everyone: I finally got a new laptop - rejoice! All my systems are up and running again. Also got the new Windows 8 - I am still figuring out the best way to work with it. While it has some cool ideas (the tiles look pretty good in my opinion), I need to get used to it ("where the heck is everything hidden?")

Currently I am trying to figure out a way to adjust my pictures (i.e. Gimp - I don't own PS at the moment). The cold and dark season has just begun, and under-exposure and washed-out colours are a problem.

Nevertheless, here are some pictures of my most recent manicure. Think chocolates...

The colder it gets, the more I want to stuff myself with chocolate and gingerbread - oh the temptation.

Dry cuticles are a downside of autumn/winter season. But all the gingerbread and chocolate and cinnamon, however, is definitely on the plus side.

The colours I used:
  • Dark chocolate brown: Essence Who is Mr. Brown?
  • Milk chocolate brown: Essence Most Wanted
  • White chocolate: Essence Flying Higher
  • Strawberry flavoured dots: P2 Perfectly

That's it for today. Have a nice week and see you soon for more mouth-watering nail designs :P

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