The Japanese Nail Art Experience #13

Hi everyone,
I think my love for nail polish might be a little bit contagious to the women in my environment. As soon as I start talking about nail polish, women all around me start to feel the urge to rush to the next drugstore and buy some fancy nail colours ^^;

Just yesterday I painted the nails of one of my colleagues during lunch break - she got an accent ringfinger nail in silver for her raspberry red manicure. That was great fun - I told her all the things I knew about applying polish, the right colours for her skintone etc. If I ever stop working in PR, doing nails would be my second option.

And finally, my new nail art magazines have arrived, hooray! Look forward to amazing new nail designs - more glitter, more rhinestones, more everything XD

Moving on to today's manicure:

And now my own version of this:

I chose a dark cherry red instead of dark purple. Please excuse my veiny hands, I didn't exactly photoshop anything.

About the nail polishes I used... since this manicure is from the vault again I try to recall the names of the polishes.
  • cherry red: H&M Cherry (this applied oh so silky smooth)
  • lilac: Essence Enchanted Fairy
  • yellow: Essence sundancer
  • pink: Nivea Cherry Glacé
  • green: Essence Nail Art Twins Bella
  • silver: Essence striper Silver Surfer
  • basecoat, topcoat

 That's it. Have a nice May 17! (It's the Norwegian national day ^^)

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