The Japanese Nail Art Experience 9

Happy sunday everyone! I'm getting used to the regular working rhythm again. So far, I like my new work with the new colleagues. And my painted nails are not a problem. I have heard of enterprises and jobs in which you are not allowed to wear nail polish. Thank god this doesn't apply to my office :D

This manicure is a bit from the vault (meaning it's from last week). The pattern I chose is the following:

Do you see that on the bottom? This manicure is worth 9,030 Yen, which is approx. 90 €! O_O
I didn't feel like taking reds and nudes for this, so I chose greenish colours. This is how it turned out:

While I love this very pale grey green colour, the polish itself was horrible to apply. The brush resembled more an old broom than anything else.

The list of polishes I used:
  • H&M Disney On Ice (awful brush, great pale green)
  • Eyeko Vintage Polish (jade green)
  • Essence Trust in Fashion (dark green)
  • Sinful Colors See You Soon (dark shimmery blue)
  • basecoat and topcoat as usual

This was the first time that I tried drawing lines with a liner brush. Still need some practice, but the results are promising.

Have a greet afternoon!

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  1. gefällt mir gut. deine "kühle" farbkombination unterstreicht dieses "schlichte" und geometrische sehr finde ich (besser als im original)^^