The Japanese Nail Art Experience 8

Another nail art post :) I thought that I would post more in February because I was unemployed *coughs* But no, I actually had quite some stuff to do. Application processes aside, I went to see the physician and the dentist (things I have been wanting to do for a year now), did some paper work, corrected scientific theses for friends and family, wrote an article about a new software and helped my brother out on film set. Also, I finally had a bit more time to tidy up the apartment etc.

On monday I will start at a new company. From now on, I'm in PR, i.e. public relations. Wish me luck ;)

Today's manicure is the look I wore for the job interview. I don't think that my nails had any influence on the outcome of the interview, but I still consider it somehow a "lucky manicure":

It's grey, yes. My take on "business look on nails with a twist". This is the longest that my nails will ever be. The longer they get, the more inconvenient they are, especially when you type a lot.

The polishes I used:
  • Essence Movie Star (grey)
  • Essence White Hype (white)
  • China Glaze Passion (gold)
  • rhinestones from bornpretty
  • basecoat and topcoat as usual

I sponged the white on and used an old eyeliner pen to draw the stripes on. Oh, by the way, the pictures were taken six days after I painted my nails. It still looks good. There are very very few nail polishes that don't work on me it seems.

Have a great weekend!

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3 Kommentar/e:

  1. hi, ich wünsch dir dann mal viel glück!

    wieder eine schöne nailart :-) und eine tolle idee einen alten eyeliner zweck zu entfremden.

    auch dir ein schönes wochenende

    1. Danke :) Die Idee mit dem Eyeliner habe ich aus einem Youtube-Nailart-Video geklaut ^^

  2. Sieht toll aus!

    lg :)