The Japanese Nail Art Experience 10

Hi guys! Finally, a new Japanese manicure :) I was quite busy with the new work, meeting friends etc. (if any new colleague has dropped in: hi to you as well!)

On friday we had a creativity coaching organised by the company. We were taught some useful techniques on how to boost our creativity. One thing that seems to be utterly important is dividing between diverging and converging thinking. A diverging mind is wandering around, thinking as many thoughts as possible, how silly or stupid or unrelated to the problem they might be. The idea behind that is simple: the more ideas you have, the bigger the chances are that you will get one or two brilliant thoughts.

In converging, you evaluate the thoughts you had and can use some to solve your problem. There might even be a chance that this one idea that seemed so silly or nonsensical can transform. It might turn into the most unorthodox, creative solution you would have never thought of before by "problem oriented reasoning".

Maybe this could be useful for my nail art and other creative projects (like music or this blog). I often limit myself, thinking too much about why this or that idea won't work/is stupid/not interesting. I guess I should allow myself to play more ^^

But I digress... the nail polishes I used for this design:
  • light blue: Essence Multi Dimension Fall for me
  • electric blue: Flormar Supershine 47
  • silver lining: Essence Style for Summernights
The colours are quite accurate on the pictures. This electric blue is just *___* I took the pictures about five days after application. It still looks quite neat, don't you think?

Have a great sunday!

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2 Kommentar/e:

  1. Wow, sehr kunstvoll! Die karrierten Nägel sehen aus wie ein Paar meiner Strümpfe ;) Ich habe dich übrigens getaggt. Vielleicht hast du ja Lust mitzumachen, ich würd mich freuen. Liebe Grüße!

    1. Vielen Dank für den/das Tag - ich werde mir etwas dazu ausdenken :)