Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #21

Hi everyone, quick and short greetings from Beijing. I haven’t posted anything lately, sorry for that. We had no access to the internet, so I couldn’t send any articles. Also, I was quite busy travelling through China (I’ll post more about that later on).

So, I managed to find some stores that carry nail polishes and this is the one I’m currently wearing:

This polish is by Sasatinnie, number and name unknown. It’s a pretty weird colour, the base is red-brown with some silver and golden shimmer/glassflecks. In addition to that, there are some pretty big flakies mixed in which is why I didn’t make a nail design. This colour has different kinds of finishes thrown together which makes it quite “full”.

These pictures were taken after three or four days of wearing. My cuticles and fingers look super dry, I haven’t taken care of my hands that well recently. It will improve once I’m finished travelling…

Have a nice weekend!

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2 Kommentar/e:

  1. Ah cool, chinesische Nagellacke! Tolle Farbe+Finish! In Lissabon habe ich in den "Lojas chineses" die Kosmetik-Marke "Yes Love" entdeckt. Hast du die zufälligerweise auch gefunden?
    Viel Spaß weiterhin auf deiner Reise :)

  2. Danke :) Ich habe einige Marken gesehen, aber Yes Love ist mir da nicht untergekommen.

    Ausnahmsweise werde ich demnächst meine Ausbeute an Nagellacken vorstellen.

    Danke auch fürs fleißige Kommentieren, ab Montag werde ich auch wieder öfter in der Blogosphäre unterwegs sein. Bis dann! =)