Best of Two Worlds - Beziehungskolumne (#2)

Hello everyone !

            Since my beloved editor in chief, Miss Naekubi has decided that my column would be named “Best of two worlds”, I just feel obliged to comment on Miley Cyrus. Yeah, I know that technically her song is called “Best of both worlds” but it’s close enough and my good and reliable sources of information are telling me that the idea for this title was indeed taken out of a Miley Cyrus context.
            This context is actually the review of her movie: Click. If you are willing to watch it (English only), you will understand what this person stands for. Selling out crap, indeed. I especially recommend to take a pause at her awful mix of feeling good country/rap (yes I know what it sounds like) and let the epic ridicule sink in. If you feel pain, well, you’re not the only one.
            Nevertheless, sweet Miley did give us other reasons to talk about her on this blog.  Asian related reasons. I guess by now you can see it coming, but for those who don’t know she posed  in early 2009 in a casual picture amongst a group of friends in which an Asian guy was present. Sitting next to the guy, she spread her lids away from her eyes so that they’ll look smaller. It is true, gentlemen, ladies, she pulled the “slanty eyes” cliché.

            While I do think it’s really stupid I don’t think she is racist. I just think she’s really dumb. She and her friends. I don’t think she even realized how people would feel about it. To be honest I’m pretty sure than when I was a kid I did it, too. No, don’t hang me just yet! I think that every kid in my school actually did it, and I think that a lot of white European kids used that face too. It was a way of making fun of others and at the same time stereotyping, and you know how cruel kids can be.
            However, our teachers and parents told us quite early not to do that, and what the effect on other people was.  It was compared to making fun of black people because they were black, which really soon became an unbreakable rule. Still, the “slanty eyes” were less important because there were actually no Asians in my class, as opposed to two black guys. We soon assimilated this “appendix” to the unbreakable law though.
            That’s why seeing Miley Cyrus doing that at 17 (or 18, old enough anyway) just makes me want to slap her because of her stupidity.

            - UnluckyTraveller

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