Best of two worlds - Beziehungskolumne

Hier ein kleiner Gastbeitrag von jemandem, der dank (un?)kluger Beziehungswahl zwischen die kulturellen Fronten gerät...

Hi everyone !

            I guess I should start by introducing myself and tell you why I’m actually allowed to post on this blog. Indeed, not only am I white from the inside like any self-respecting banana, but I’m also white from the outside, too. I may not be the Whitest Boy Alive, but I’m coming close, my blond curly hair, green eyes and pale skin classifying me quite far from any Asian population.
            So why is that I can have editorial access to a blog directly targeted at an “ethnic minority” (I love those politically correct expressions) that I am not a part of? Well, the reason truly is simple: My boyfriend position towards the editor-in-chief of this media (Miss Naekubi, you’d have guessed it) grants me a few privileges.
            But as we all know, with great privileges come great responsibilities (Yeah, shamelessly ripped that right off Spiderman), and in this case my bestowed duty is to bring you the point of view of the average European boy about Asian people, and occasionally about cultural difficulties in couples. In our case, beyond the ethnicity factor lies the nationality difference, too: she’s German, I’m French (and we met in Norway), so there will be a ton of stuff to analyse!
            I hope I’ll produce an enjoyable read and that you will have fun following this blog.

            Stay tuned for more shocking revelations about the editor in chief dark past! Adventure! Violence! Sex! You ain’t prepared!

- UnluckyTraveller

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