The Japanese Nail Art Experience #14

Picture galore! This design is from Nail Max - they have pretty mad designs with tons of rhinestones, studs and what not. Yet, I was able to find a rather toned-down design that I could replicate:

I don't know why, but this design makes me think of a colourful bikini from the eighties...

I was too lazy to photoshop any of these pictures (not that I 'shop so much in general), so what you see here is relatively accurate.

On the picture you see the polishes I used. What seems to be black is actually a very very dark ink blue (I love it - but have no back-up...):
  • Esprit: Sugar rose (light pink)
  • Astor: no name (darker pink)
  • Essence Denim Wanted Forever Mine (blue)
  • MNY 709A (ink blue)
  • base coat, top coat
I used a nail art brush by Essence for painting the stripes - let's have a closer look:

This design got me quite some compliments, even from complete strangers - like those two older guys on that escalator. Would have never thought of them to be Japanese nail art lovers :D

Guess that's it. Now if you'll excuse me, my nails are on hiatus for the moment - they need a rest. While the nail polish does not do them any harm, it is the acetone in the nail polish remover that totally destroyed them :( I hope to get back to painting them in two weeks' time...

See you!

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