The Japanese Nail Art Experience #12

Hi guys, new manicure ahead :) I am kinda very behind posting my manicures, so this comes from the vault (again). The thing is: the more things happen offline, the less you are seen online ;)

Now on to the manicure. I chose the following design from the December issue of Nail Up! (Still waiting for the spring issue - it's lying safely on my sister's desk, 150 km away from my whereabouts - meh).

See the price tag? This is a 130 € manicure... words fail me. Even more of a reason to paint my own version :)

I opted for different colours because I am not too fond of orange. It just looks very weird with my yellowish skintone. So instead of orange I chose a pastel yellow.

Tadaa, here we go: I had to photoshop the hell out of my pictures because the green, the blurple and the violet polish weren't captured accurately on film. Hence the colours are what I call an approximation.

The purple is a tad bit more red than on the pictures. This is the closest I could get with my puny photoshop skills. The manicure reminds me a bit of Fabergé eggs or easter eggs.

Let's see the list of polishes I used. Unfortunately, every polish I used has been discontinued:
  • base coat and top coat as usual
  • Essence Nail art twins Bella (the green one)
  • Essence Nail art twins Chuck (the blurple one)
  • Essence Nail art twins Gabriella (the purple one)
  • P2 dream lover (the yellow one)
  • Claire's gold glitter polish (the... you guessed it)

That's it. Thanks for stopping by :)

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