The Japanese Nail Art Experience 11

The weather is awful at the moment (cold, rainy, meh.. of course I took some days off when the weather is crap... meh). Let's have spring on the nails instead...

I chose this design that I would describe as "cloudy with a chance of glitter". As you can see, the nails have a marble effect and it's quite easy to do. Just follow the guide on the picture: two coats of a base colour. While the second coat is still a bit wet, drip white polish on the nail. Take a dotting tool or a tooth pick and drag the white polish, mixing it with the base colour. Don't worry if you can see your natural nail while making the design. Modern polishes have self-leveling properties so the design will even out by itself.

Instead of pink I chose green. There are so many pink designs in this nail art magazine. I didn't feel like it, so green it was. These are the polishes I used:
  • Essence Blossoms etc. A Hint of Mint
  • Essence Crystalliced Frosted Champaign
  • base coat and top coat
  • rhinestones from bornpretty store

I hope to receive a new issue of Nail Up! and Nail Max soon. More cool nail designs, hooray! ^^

See you soon :)

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5 Kommentar/e:

  1. der marble-effekt sieht toll aus *wow*
    persönlich wäre mir der akzent-nagel wohl bissel zuviel mit den glitzer-steinchen ;-), aber eine hübsche idee!

    frohe ostern :-)

    1. Ja, ich gebe zu, dr Akzentnagel ist ne harte Nummer, aber ich fands cool :)

      Frohe Ostern auch an dich!

  2. The impact of blogs: Because of yours, today I put varnish on my finger nails for the first time in about 15 years. (Just beige varnish, absolutely no frills - but I still learned from your pictures. Thanks!)

    1. Great ^^ I hope you enjoyed dolling up a little bit :)

  3. nice, der marble-effekt ist wirklich super!