Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #44

Hi everyone, a quick post on the manicure I'm currently wearing. This is inspired by a video that I saw a few days ago on Youtube: click!

I highly recommend this channel to all nail art lovers who like themselves a cute and (relatively) easy manicure. Cutepolish has a heart for the nerds and geeks out there (I mean, a nyan cat nail design? woohoo!).

My version of the snowflake nails is extremely dark. Watching all three Lord of the Rings movies in special extended version seemed to have left its impact ;)
Just imagine it snowed around Mount Doom. I assume it would look something like this...

The polishes I used:
  • MNY 306A (a dark olive with golden sprinkles - this was part of a LE called "I'm a Jungle Chick" and it's a 100% dupe of Essence's Gold Old Buffy)
  • Essence Vampire's Love LE The Dawn is broken (grey with fine silver glitter)
  • Sabrina Gold Glitter polish (no real name)
  • P2 Hypoallergen Base Coat and Essence Better Than Gel Nails topsealer 

    I wish you a nice Sunday afternoon! Maybe it will snow for real this week (for now the snow just melts within minutes).

    See you soon!

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    2 Kommentar/e:

    1. Oh mein Gott ist das süß! Auf meiner rechten Hand könnte ich das nicht alleine :(

    2. @Jana: Dankeschön! Ein bisschen Übung erfordert das Malen mit links schon, andererseits zeige ich hier selten meine rechte Hand... ;)