Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #43

People who know me now would not think that I was a very girly girl when I was young (like, elementary school). I loved pink. Clothes, accessories, pens etc. I was the pink power ranger, hehe. My sister always liked yellow, so it was easy for my mum to tell what stuff or toys belonged to who.

So for old times' sake I did a girly girl pink manicure. I spent half the day trying to shoot good pictures - not sure if I succeeded, I'm still trying to get used to that new camera. It's way heavier than my old one so taking pictures of my one hand with holding the cam steady with the other is somewhat annoying.

Holy cow, this nail art looks freaking sparkly on camera! In real life it looks a bit more balanced. It's everything a girly girl likes - sparkles, glitter sequins, and pink of course. Yup, everything at once... 

Now on to the polishes I used:
  • middle finger: Kiko 237
  • index and ring finger: H&M Happily Ever After (very sheer shimmery light pink)
  • thumb an pinkie: Suki Nail Colour (beige with microglitter)
  • basecoat and topcoat: P2 Quick Dry and Essence topsealer
And some more pictures just for the fun of it:

I wish you a nice week!

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