Das aktuelle Nagelstudio - the B selection

In all this time that I've been posting my manicures there were some I didn't show. Too messy, awful colours, polish malfunction - you name it. From some I took pictures.

So I decided to show you some of my "bad" manicures - my personal B selection.

The colour combination bubblegum pink and teal is a very questionable choice, I admit. But the dotty mess adds the cherry on top of this cake of awfulness.

Looking back this manicure wasn't so bad. The thing with white polish is just that it is horrible to apply. It is either too streaky, too sheer, too thick or just plain messy. I started losing the blue glitters starting from day one, so you are looking at the rare view of all glitters attached...

At first sight: beautiful. At second: bubble party!! I never had textured nails before that look like solidified soda... Oh how I curse thee, Manhattan topcoat!

Hope you enjoyed this post. :)

Did you ever do something you love that just went completely wrong?

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4 Kommentar/e:

  1. wow they are amazing!!! great work !!! I love the first and second one at all <3

  2. wow, the third one is impressive (well, i know, apart from the bubbles)!

  3. and the color combination of the first one isn't bad, i actually like it, looks goood ;)

  4. o_O You readers are hard to figure out... XD