Das aktuelle Nagelstudio #37

Hey there! Just a quick post. This was last week's manicure. It's quite simple - purple and... *drums* a crackle polish! I never used one before but I like this one.

As always, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them. I highly recommend this, otherwise you won't notice the subtle red and blue sparkles.

Just look! :)

And now the polishes I used:
  • P2 Hypoallergen Base Coat
  • Catrice Times Square at Midnight
  • P2 Pearl Crackling Topcoat Violet Fusion
  • Essence BTGN topsealer

The crackling nail polish looks less purple than in the bottle, but I still find it nice.

Until next time!

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2 Kommentar/e:

  1. Der Crackling Lack ist lila? Ich hätte jetzt auf gold getippt und fand die Kombi schon sehr hübsch

  2. @fashionvictim_81: Ja, ist er tatsächlich. Das ist der Neue von p2. Auf hellem Untergrund soll man das Lila sogar sehen.