The Japanese Nail Art Experience #16

Winter time is not a great time to take pictures of nail designs - especially not when you are at work all day and come back home when it's already dark.

It's been quite a while that I last posted a manicure. My finger nails were painted most of the time during my "nail art on blog" hiatus. I just didn't feel it was worth showing. Also, I was too lazy to take pictures and my laptop broke in between. Currently I am using my old laptop and it. is. f***ing. slow.

Now with no further ado - the pictures:

Nothing spectacular, just dots and so on - it's a nail design that's inspired by Japanese nail art, but I didn't use a particular design from my nail art magazines - next time maybe.

My replacement laptop is so slow that I can't even put Photoshop or anything on it - it would just break down. It's a wonder that it still works - after all it is seven years old and still runs on Windows XP... I'm sorry if the colours look a bit off - at least the nail polish colours seem accurate.

Nail polishes used:
  • China Glaze Grape Juice
  • Essence Can't Cheat On Me
  • Essence Chic Reloaded
  • P2 Glitter Grey
Thanks for stopping by and I apologize to all the readers who are not so much into nail art and have to tolerate it in their RSS feeds :D

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