Norwegian Bar

Hey folks! I'm sorry I didn't update my blog for the past week but I didn't have a working wifi for my computer so posting was on hold. I hope you'll forgive me. ;)

We were sitting inside a Norwegian bar in Bergen called Henrik's. It is one of the places to go when you are a beer connaisseur and like some good brewed beverage besides Hansa or Ringnes (Norwegian beers, taste is ok, but far from great). Prices are high but what can you do if you have the urge to drink a pint of Guinness or Indian Pale Ale?

So I paid my 76 Norwegian Kroner for my Guinness, trying to forget that this was a beer worth 9 Euros (12 Dollars). Alcohol helps forgetting the dreadful truth. I took a sip.

Bartender: So you're German, eh?

Naekubi: Yes sir, that's what I am (I guess).

Bartender (turned halfway to my hosts, K. and H.): In Germany they have this kind of chocolate called Ritter Sport. What's sporty about chocolate? The last thing you would think about is sports when it comes to chocolate.

Naekubi (a bit surprised): True.

Bartender: Isn't their slogan something like "convenient, square, good"?

Naekubi: Actually it's "square, convenient, good" - "quadratisch, praktisch, gut".

Bartender (shakes his head): A convenient chocolate! Only Germans would come up with a slogan like that.

Naekubi: ... (true indeed.)

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