Re-post: Things I miss in Norway

Some might know that this blog is already more than three years old. I just never got around to post as frequently as I do now. (Also I had about two frequent readers back then...)

This blog entry was originally released on September 11, 2008:

In French-German television station "arte" there is one show called "carambolage". One rubric is called "Was mir fehlt/Cequi me manque": People who live abroad either in Germany or in France tell what they miss at their new domicile. So here's a little list that came to my mind:

- good chocolate (no white chocolate, no chocolate with yoghurt filling here... *sigh*)
- fruit tea or peppermint tea or herbal tea in general
- money
- an oven
- weekend nights without false fire alarms at three in the morning
- crappy German television
- a bicycle
- cheap jazz concerts
- a big bed, at least big enough for one (80 cm of width is not enough. Definitely.)
- normal salt (who came up with this crappy idea of salt with only 50% salt?)
- big perfume stores
- crazy clothes... please go away with your "super-stylish" Scandinavian fashion with black slim jeans and the like - that's just boring. Gimme some bad taste!

I wonder now if I will have the same view on Bergen, Norway than back then. I sure have changed since then. My interest for perfume has switched back to nail polish and I also think black slim jeans are out of fashion again.

About the firealarms: Not this time. Back in 2008 I lived in a student appartment in a huge building. Everytime one smoke detector did its job so to say and wasn't switched off immediately, the whole complex would be alarmed with an annoying beeping sound. Most of the time it was just false alarm. The only time I decided to stay in bed and try to ignore the beeping there was an actual fire in the staircase...

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